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- Our Story -

 "Zenith Fashions" the umbrella name for the business was started in 2000 solely for the purpose of selling African clothing and accessories; it became a market when customers started asking for African food items and since there was no place to buy African products in New Mexico, we oblige. 

The "Talking Drums" restaurant was started in 2012, again in response to our customers asking for cooked African food. We had a lot of foodies that stopped by the store requesting for us to open a restaurant or start a cooking class to promote the African cuisine.

It has been a pleasure and we thank those early customers for keeping us in business and the new ones for keeping us going through this hard times on Central. We relocated for the purpose of serving our customers in a more centralized location for easy access and we thank them for their continue support.

Thank you.


* * * 
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